Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Retail Reactions!

Opening day after the Christmas setup is complete is always full of mixed emotions. After the nearly impossible number of hours it takes to design and implement the holiday collection, it is hard to see it depleted and "disturbed" if you will by purchasers!

Today was no exception...

This was a favorite color story for my 2013 Christmas collection...chartreuse and white, punctuated with several blues from teal to navy. We did not design a tree in these colors and purchased tabletop inventory only. In January 2013, it was certainly not the thrust in design that we saw in the October 2013 furniture market! We just happened to come up with the colors together. In hindsight, more of a collection would have gone over well...

Friday at the end of day, a client came in and purchased a good bit of this impact color...those who know me well know that I was both reluctant and disappointed to sell the new offerings so quickly!

Today he called to request the rest of the collection...really??! A weeks worth of hard work and my favorite visuals gone...before my First Peek event even happens...good grief.

We also had this cute client (being helped out by one of my new employees, Brian), who made the 2 hour trip just to shop and be inspired by the new holiday collection just out. That's quite a few bags I must say! Both she and I wished she lived closer!! After filling her basket with multiples of my favorites, she spotted one of our hand glittered branches. I had tucked it into a vase with other greens and branches and she begged to purchase it. Linda sought my blessing...again, with some distress. But after all, driving two hours is quite an honor for Black-eyed Susan.

I guess more glass glittered branches will be forthcoming for purchasing!

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All in all it was a very good day with many accolades for the hard work and long hours of the past week.

I guess I'd better get used to it. The perfect stories and beauty lasted only a few hours from the time the key locked the door late Friday night until Saturday morning at store opening.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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