Friday, November 1, 2013

Another late night...

We are tired.

So tired, I can't think of a clever title...

Check list;
Complete orange room
Details in organic section
Fill buckets with sprays and organize in place
Review rug market order
Plug in trees for easy reach
Vacuum again
Buy a robot for trips to the stock room
Clear the display window for tonight
Primp trees for display window
Lighting plan for window
Glitter branches for inside display
Hang lights in display window
Hang giant snowflakes in window
Head for home

A the end of the day, we began the main display window. Linda and I designed the window last January and we always look forward to the execution of the long awaited plan...

We opened and studied the recommendations for the exlarge to medium hanging lights we ordered...

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Here is a shot of the grove of trees waiting to be placed in the window...

Here is the grove of frosted trees beginning to form...

From the inside, a look with lighted globes Nd giant flocked snow flakes! So cute. It's really better in person. Come see for yourself!

check list completed.

...clock on dashboard upon arriving home...Oh. Dear.

One more day to reach completion...Nd most likely, one more night...

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