Friday, November 1, 2013

Done. Almost...

It was with a sigh of relief and an early departure (9:45pm!) that we closed the door behind us. We reflect back on our week and collectively clocked 196 man hours of brainpower...manpower and creative moxie. And that doesn't include Sneelock's countless hours, or the combined dedicated efforts of 6 other supportive staff members.

Tonight as we were wrapping up, I made the comment to Linda that it was a good thing the work involved and the pain at the end of each day was similar to childbirth, in that by the time it is time to do it again next year, you have forgotten it and can face it again! She laughingly said that she had just been thinking the same thing last night!!

The store looks beautiful. Garlands galore, wreaths unmatched, trees dressed, lanterns filled, mantles draped, windows looks beautiful.

Here are a few last photos to tempt you to visit is, the most wonderful time of the year at Black-eyedSusan. come see the magic.

Cropped shot of a favorite mantle...

Linda's glitter encrusted branch fastened to the ceiling and draped with glass icicles...

Document art with organic inspired garland, pods, snowy pine one spray and twigs...

One of dozens of sizes of glass cloches filed with snowy birds, an ever popular motif.

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A personal favorite pine branch and drapey evergreen housed in a beautiful mercury vase.

Mirrored tray filled with holiday objects that becomes a centerpiece....

Oops! We left this glittery swag "Noel" in attached and in a heap...perhaps tomorrow.

It's been a long week. Tomorrow we will check in first thing in the morning, tweak the final finishing touches and head for the Airport for Linda's flight home. I could never have done it without her.

Here's to the start of an inspiring Holiday 2013 season. It's a beauty.

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