Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Market-Atlanta Days one and two!!

It's always a cruel joke when we come to the winter market in Atlanta and the weather is near sub-zero. What??!!

After a week long preparation for a fun party for Linda's daughter and her fiancé (wedding party before the actual wedding to be held in Provo, Utah), Linda and I headed to AtlAnta with our usual overload of shoes, boots and high maintenance girl stuff.

We barely had a day to breath after the party to gather our wits and start thinking Christmas again, yes, you heard me, Christmas for 2014. The crazy weather in the teens is about the only thing putting us in the Christmas spirit.

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Here is a photo of one of the floral centerpieces I desifned for rhe party.  Sitting amongst the silver and vintage serving pieces I brought to Charlotte for the gala!

The first few days of market are always filles with scouting,  planning and critiquing.  What did we buy too much of last year and what did customers ask for that we didn't have. We have a good idea for 2014 and I'll pay attention more tomorrow to find some interesting documentation.  

And I know that my followers are waiting ro see more photos of the event.I'll work on that too. 

As for tonight, we are hoping for temperatures that are above 15 tomorrow when we head out for another day of new finds.

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