Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Market Day Six

This stage of our market work gets to be more of a challenge.....

*what shoes should I wear today?
*how many garlands have we bought?
*where is that list?
*why doesn't the elevator ever go down?
*where is the room key?
*why does the air conditioning have to be on in the showrooms?
*what's for breakfast? 
*why are there so many glittered rodents?
*furthermore...who is buying them?!

Even though there is a lot of everyday work to be done, the interest and stamina is fading. We were happy to have a bit of relief from Christmas order writing and here are a few of the distractions we found;

This happy room setting punctuated with pink!! Linda was singing, naturally! We walked one of the High Design temporary corridors and this cheered us. Watch for my article to be published in Local Living this month! Think pink.

Our next to last day is tomorrow...and yes, we are thinking of which of our shoes will take us through tomorrow...and the next day. 


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