Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day Three ....what can I say?!

A little disclaimer...realizing that I would be over my weight limit and carryon allowances, I elected to use one of several smaller devices instead of my laptop.  As you can see, I am having quite a time loading photos from my dropbox or....sooooo frustrating

Day four will take me back to my iPad,  but that also means I need to take my photos with that device. So here goes one more try...bear with me.

Two posted photos of assorted monograms and one photo of my "worst pick of the day". I think it was an organically inspired paper fox ornament. Pass.

Here's to an easier post tomorrow!

1 comment:

Lee said...

You gals look so pretty. So much fun. Wish I can go to market. Have you seen Mary Carol? If you see her tell her you are my friend. She really knows my name. Love it!
Hee hee