Friday, October 17, 2008

"Is it okay for this fish to be with this mouse?"

Well, here are some final thoughts about the Holiday setup! I have too many other things to blog about, we must go on! I'm getting a backlog of ideas and photos to post about! (Does this happen to all bloggers?) Let me know your thoughts!

Here's Linda looking more than frustrated with the gaggle of ornament hooks! How does this happen? We try to separate them prior to beginning the "hooking" process, but this happens when you turn your back! It's a real puzzle, not to mention a true irritation, and it really puts a cramp on the progress! YIKES! (You'd think they were magnetic!)

A closeup of the reality of the frustration! Where is Rita when you need her?????

On Friday night, we took a break for the first real dinner we had all week. We went to a favorite hot spot in Pennington, NJ "ZA". Sneelock went along! After dinner, we returned to the store for what we planned to be an hour or so......of course, we worked into the wee hours of the morning AGAIN! Each year, we have a popular fixture tree that houses all manner of quaint , collectible and reproduction ornaments that are picked up for grandchildren, teachers, mothers, sons, you get the picture! I laughed out loud when I heard Linda speaking out loud, "Is is okay for this fish to be with this mouse?" Looks like they are getting along just fine! And, the fish are selling like hotcakes!

My attempt at a first self portrait with my darling friend, Linda (the true voice of reason) and my true supporter prior to leaving for the airport. You would think that she would be teary eyed and weary from work. I was teary eyed for being left behind to cope with the remaining retail woes-----me, the cheese standing alone.

Well, here she is, ready to go home and "be the Mother" again! She is the mother of 4. Her daughter Sohpie once said that when she come to work with me she "has the life she really wants"! I'm not sure about that, but short stints of creative craziness can sure be fun! (and, exhausting as well.) Thanks, dear friend. Goodbye.

Note the orange Black-eyed Susan carry-on bag! And you don't want to know how many other shopping bags she left behind in my garage for me to bring this week!


Denise said...

Your SPs are too cute! I confess to still being somewhat jealous of your late-night laughing and working. Only Linda could look that cute after such a long week's work!

michelle said...

That self-portrait of the two of you is darling! I love the picture of Linda with the hooks as well. I never dared to dream you would become so enamored with photo-documentation...

It's hard to be the one left behind.