Sunday, October 26, 2008

market finds!

The last day of High Point Market, when time permits, I occasionally get to browse some of my favorite showrooms for inspiration. Notes are taken and sometimes photos are recorded into a photo log that reminds me of things I liked. This trip was a whirlwind, most of our time was spent shopping for a wonderfully rewarding project of outdoor rooms of a home in Sullivan's Island, NC. Multiple outdoor living spaces and lighting was our main goal.

But, as luck would have it, the last hour prior to leaving for the airport to drop off Jackie and pick up Fred (husband Sneelock), I found some really fun new items that were keepers for the "next" project. Take a look!

A great sophisticated shabby chic accent table! Cream rub through paint with a peacock!

I love cabinets to use as a bibliotech bathroom storage or kitchen and dining room pieces. Old cabinets can fine homes in many rooms of the house and be taken from room to room or house to house with multiple uses. This one has beautiful leaded windows, hand painted shield designs and interest in the height. I wanted to take it home!

Check out this wonderful lampshade! The lamp is a balustrade shape and peek at that great chest with the hand painting beside it. Oh, the thrill of the hunt!

I came across this darling chair and was immediately drawn to it. No matter that our feet were killing us at this stage of the game, I was taken with the size of it! (It was a small scale and painted in a rustic and delightful light aqua). I went right over to it and took a seat, and just as I suspected, fell in love! It was a perfect fit and the relief from days of shopping on my feet with a short rest was sweet too! As I got up and looked at the tag and price, it read "child's chair"......thus, the perfect fit! I remorsefully left it behind.....

This was a cool bed that I came across---look at the caning and carved finials. It was dressed with soft colors and a nature themed bedding. Note the embroidered birds on a limb on the pillowcases!

Closeup of sweet bird on a limb pillowcase!
Many of you might not understand the Rooster base, but what about the polka dot lamp shade!!! Actually, the rooster motif is classic for many decor styles from cottage, the French, to English. I liked the entire concept!
So, there is a short recap of a few of my favorite new finds! Hope you enjoy them as much as they inspired me.


michelle said...

Child's chair. Now that is classic.

I loved it all, especially the polka dot lampshade!

Denise said...

My favorites are the leaded-paned cabinet and the black lamp with the scroll-patterned lampshade! Someday I so so so so so so so so SO SO SO want to go to market with you.

And, I'm dying to see pics of rug possibilities for Sarah's room.