Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sentimental visions

We made our fourth and final call to the final winner of our consulting give-a-way today!

I must say, that all four of our client-winners were so inspiring and enjoyable! It has been very rewarding to see that our clients in general live in creative, warm environments with interest and uncommon personal touches. It should come as no surprise that those who we count as loyal fans have fabulous homes!

Meet Jeanne! Fourth contest winner, as she greeted us!

Jeanne greated us with drinks and goodies (see the photos!). As we walked around the house, the number of past purchases from Black-eyed Susan brought back many memories to me of when they were in my store, who designed them, what collections they were part of, and general nostalgic thoughts of the past. I decided to photograph a few of my favorites! So far, my darling clients have indulged me in my photo requests!

One of my personal favorites, see this glass cloche with orchids, moss, a toad and a nestling gilded bird. Cloche from Black-eyed Susan!

A vision of biscotti ! In the background, a Joanne floral creation!

Now this one goes way back! Boxwood topiary created in Susan's design studio (I'm thinking at least 8-10 years ago!) by Rita! Rita is now retired, but at that time would painstakingly cut and glue fresh boxwood into the styrofoam sphere until packed! There you go, Rita, your legacy!

Globes! Collectible for sure. Here is a favorite of mine, along with a timer, also purchased at Black-eyed Susan some time ago!

This is a point of interest we discussed updating. The draperies could be updated and also let more light into this spacious living room by eliminating the valance, pleating the panels and using decorative rods and rings. Also, note the fabulous succulent garden in this great planter!

A close up of the above, but a bit too dark! But, I love the iron plant stand, its placement and its contents. Good work, Jeanne! Thanks for all the sentimental visions. I hope there are many more to come!


michelle said...

I'll bet those winners were so pleased! It must be fun for you to see things purchased from your store in someone's home.

JENN in Beautiful Bucks County PA said...

Dearest Sweetest Susan -
This is great - a Black Eyed Susan Blog!!! Love your style & have always been a loyal & big fan.
Such fun to see you in the shop on Saturday! Plus getting to know you a little bit better than I always do is good fun too. You look radiant & wonderful. More later -

Denise said...

I always love a consultation from Susan!

JENN in Beautiful Bucks County PA said...

It is always so nice to see a cloche with miniature species and/or dwarf varieties. I'm all for bringing in the outside environment and vice versa. I am wondering... are Jeanne's specimens live or faux? Sometimes with Susan's wonderful silks & JoAnne's creativity it is absolutely impossible to tell without touching. I am also curious as to when did we start referring to a terrarium environment as a cloche. Isn’t cloche a French term? I suppose they are somewhat the same because they both do protect a living environment don't they? It always nice to see terrariums and/or cloche's being revisited. JENN

Jeanne said...

The orchids in the container are realistic looking fakes. I tried real (my 1st choice) but anything flowering turned moldy and I wanted some color. I had a great time hosting Black Eyed Susan and recalling the many wonderful finds from the shop. I loved their suggestions for my home.
Many thanks!

Susan said...

Now we're starting to get a dialoge going! Great, this is what the blog should do!

Keep on posting!