Thursday, October 2, 2008

We've been spotted!

Some exciting news to look for----we've been selected to be published in a new magazine being published by The Philadelphia Inquirer! "I" will be appearing on the new stands with its premier issue, I believe in November! Our favorite local freelance writer, Kathleen Webber will be writing the article. Kathleen is a talented writer who frequents my store and is always on the lookout for inspiring design and visual pop. She has a darling bungalow home in Yardley. (I once came very close to placing an offer on the same house!) So, immediately, I felt a kindred spirit connection to her.

I thought it would be fun to show you some photos of the photo shoot in progress with some quick peeks of what is to come, and very soon, I might add.

The focus of the article will be our Holiday design and services. As all of my Black-eyed Susan clients know, there is no one that does Christmas with the splash and innovative design that we do! We are generally several years ahead of the color trends, totally "womped up" in the presentation (a term one of my former design employees taught me), and fully stocked with the largest variety of tabletop trees, Santas, Snowmen, and collectible reproduction mache figures and villages.

Here's Sharman, a woman of many talents and job titles! When she is not pricing our inventory, polishing glass, shuffling inventory, directing 16 wheelers out of our parking lot, or keeping us generally organized in the stockroom, she can be found on an 8 foot ladder, assisting the professional photographer! (After she agreed to help, she quietly said she was afraid of heights.....that's Sharman, for you!)

Meet Clem! He's the pro from The Inquirer. Armed with flash assortments and camera, he set out to do his work. Kathleen and I held makeshift light shields (framed art and moving blankets from my car!) while he shot from high, low, and everywhere in between. I did the styling as he flashed away . We worked in the dark with all the store lights off, moved inventory out of the way and staged the areas to be focused on. Clem looks a bit startled here, as I took a photo of him in progress!

A cropped shot of my Williamsburg collection for the 2008 Holiday decor. This is a fabulous array of colorful floral and fruit, typical of historical Williamsburg delarobia style. The feeling is hospitable and lush! (Looks like I caught Kathleen off guard too!)

Vintage reproduction Santas, mache houses and bottle brush trees were combined with vintage silver serving pieces to create an engaging tabletop display. For collectors like myself, a great idea for using what we have in our sideboards at home. Pale green and silver houses- WOW!

One of my favorite color stories this year will be graphite and persimmon! Now that's punch! Here, I created a mantle with glass hurricanes, mercury glass vases, finials and candlesticks and of course, some glitter (deer, to be exact)!

We're excited to be featured in the premier issue of "I" and hope you'll watch for us!

We will be transforming the store next week, all week. The store will be closed on Monday, October 6--you can't imagine the chaos! We welcome you to pop in the rest of the week, even though things might be in a bit of a state of creative craziness!

Come see the magic!

I'll be tracking and documenting the progress often this week. I hope you'll check in.


michelle said...

Exciting! I can't say enough how thrilled I am that you are documenting all of this, it's wonderful.

Denise said...

I can't wait to see the magazine--I've been wondering how long it would take before you start getting the press coverage you deserve!

Wish I could be there for the store Christmas set-up, but am looking forward to helping out with client set-ups again. That Sharman is a woman of many talents! Like her, I'm not found of being the one to have to climb the ladder, especially if it involves having to lean over a bannister to get ornaments on the uppermost branches of the tree!

Bond Girl 007 said...

Oh my goodness those hurracaines look amazing, and what a wonderful opportunity to be published! Congratulations, sounds like a lot of work goes on for this.

Jill said...

I'm always impressed when people can plan for upcoming holidays and seasons in advance. I never catch the fever until it's really time. So basically I'm saying that appears to be another one of your MANY gifts.