Sunday, November 2, 2008

turkey feathers.......

November 1st. It's official,the Holiday's are here!

I always love the end of October. It makes me feel justified in having the retail set up in full Holiday regalia. Yesterday, on the drive in to the store, I came across an entire flock of wild turkeys! Then I knew for sure that the Holidays were just around the corner. I parked my car and quietly walked to get a view for a great blog shot! But just as I took the first step, they startled and wobbled away. No flying, just fast, noisy walking! And they can move FAST!

The first obstable I encountered was the terraine! A deep shoulder ditch and then an upward climb......three or four cars slowed down to observe the attempted climb!

Did I mention I didn't have on climbing shoes......

Within moments the entire flock had migrated up the hill to this historic outbuilding, clearly out of camera shot!

Wild turkeys are quite common in the woods of Bucks County, Pa. Thanks to Sneelock, he had taken this photo not long ago when another flock was stolling through our neighborhood! This is what the flock I was in pursuit looked like as well. I did retrieve one turkey feather---in perfect form!

There really isn't anything that can match the beauty of fall color in Bucks County. It's one of the true visions of breathtaking beauty, combined with the history we live with, that makes my heart sing. Take a look at several of the photos I thought worthy to document our fall splendor.

This one above is a stand of mums, all one color. What drama! And, orange to boot!

A shot in the woods the night Sneelock and I cut the branches for the store window.

Fabulous flaming color against the fall blue sky, compliments of Sneelock!

An historic church with fall foliage in the background. We shot this on a Saturday trip to Connecticut. (More on that trip later......)

There's really just no place like the East for viewing the beauty and inspiration of Fall. When time permits, I can be found hand selecting fine specimens of fallen, vibrant leaves. Large and small-yellow, orange, red and chocolate. There is something theraputic in the hunt.

Welcome, fall.


michelle said...

Of course I knew you didn't have climbing shoes on! I'm thrilled that you attempted the turkey photo and that you documented the process.

I never knew mums could be so cute!

michelle said...

p.s. you might want to consider putting commas inbetween your blog labels. Then each one can be individually searchable.

Denise said...

Of course I knew that your climbing shoes would be Venetian Gold peep toe sling backs! I wouldn't have expected anything less.

I am impressed by your commitment to blogging--following a flock of turkeys through rough terrain just to get photo documentation! Way to blog.

I am reminded of the fun road trip we took with Mom and Dad about 13 years ago (it was the first time I left John as a baby). Remember the "pumpkin pie to die for" in the cemetery? Good times.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we need to take you shopping in one of our bucks county shoe stores that sell more "rock climbing blog adventure" shoes so that we don't have to worry about our commander in chief breaking her cute ankle!

emily said...

I love your determined hunt for blog pictures, especially when enhanced by the shot of your shoes! Fall is so beautiful! All of the leaves here fell this weekend, and I love the smell, the colors, and the crunch. Enjoy!