Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over another mountain!

Last week, I felt quite a sense of accomplishment having sorted and gone through each individual fabric book in my design studio, one by one. If I were to estimate that I may have all of 3000 books in my resource library, I would most likely be under stating the number of selections.

Each season, approximately 2-3 times per year, the fabric vendors send their new collections which consist of anywhere from 4-8 books , showing the new trends, color pallets and patterns. As I sorted and thumbed through each book, my work slowed. Many of the collections go back to 2002. So, you can see how easy it is to amass an overgrown library. So easy to collect, so difficult to delete!

Naturally, there are many favorites from past projects. There are those that I have always wanted to find a project for, those that I have suggested that have been rejected, those that are far too expensive for real life, and those that are too outlandish in color or pattern for the average homeowner.

Having felt quite accomplished in sorting my resources, I was not happy to have to review them all, after securing a small space for additional design studio space. I was happy to realize that if I were willing to tackle this one more time, I could select my favorites---with great objectivity, I might add--to stock this small space.

Let me just give you a visual of this fabric mountain...

Gaze upon one area.....

Yet another stack...

Still another corner of the room (and there's more than this!)

I suppose it's easy now to see what a task it is to review each and every book, and more difficult still to decide the few that will make the cut to the smaller space. Oh my.

Much like sorting my trim books, the fabric books drew large raves and/or a quick toss aside. I just couldn't resist documenting some of my favorites....or not!

I began several nights ago by sorting several categories, i.e. favorite linens, best velvet selections, most revered mohairs, and stacked them into separate piles. While reviewing the linens tonight, I came across this new book sent by Lee Jofa. First of all, I love monograms on anything, and this is a generic monogram! Put it on 100% Belgium natural linen, and it's hard to beat! Pillows, valances, custom bedding, even draperies.

As I turned a few pages, I came across this one! Almost like an alphabet primer!

When I spotted it again in a pale robin-egg blue, I knew the camera must come out! I love linen!

Just when I was swooning about the linen alphabet, I came across this linen polka dot! What is it about linen, anyway?!

This cocoa, green,charcoal and chartreuse just made my heart sing!

.....no need to think twice about tossing this one into the discard pile! Flame stitch, ugh.

I had to keep this in the "must have" pile. I have always loved it and never used it yet! Wool hounds tooth in aqua, creme and chartreuse. Say no more!

STOP! Orange and hounds tooth together in this collection! No way could I toss this one.

I'll end on this one. All I can say is,the task became a wee bit less so when my fingers began to run through the fabric options. What can I say, textiles just make me happy. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. Coming soon......Susan's favorite picks!

I almost left this one out! From one of the Modern Library collections....hot pink and lime green! I hope I find someone bold enough to try this one.

At the very end of the night, I thought I had completed my picks, when I came across this one. I haven't looked through it yet, but I'm pretty sure with a name like "NICKEL/EBONY", it will be a keeper! Come see for yourself.


southerninspiration said...

I love best the first ones you showed....some reason I adore linen! And add monograms and polka dots???? OH MY!! Love most of the others, too...I'm with you...I love textiles!!


Jill said...

This task sounds overwhelming, especially when there's so much to love!

michelle said...

Textiles are my drug of choice! I love it. I love all the linens as well, the monograms and polka dots, ooh la la!

Charlotte said...

Love it! And I love your tags for this post--what a fun (yet daunting) task to go through all your fabric books. I am definitely impressed with your collection.

shannon said...

How is it that I missed this post?

Are you STILL going through this stuff? Yikes! You really meant it when you said you had a lot of things to sort!

The orange and chartreuse is so refreshing!