Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ta Da! The new bathroom revealed!

This is going to be a condensed version of how the rest of the Denver Extreme Makeover project went! (Just check the local time...)
While Denise got right to work sewing our custom window treatment, I began cutting in the base color of the bathroom. Many of you know my love for the soft gray-blues from Sherwin Williams, and that is the pallet we chose. The beautiful blue dupionni silk and silk ball fringe helped make that decision easy! I started with SW Rainwashed as our base color. Always include the ceiling in the same color. This is a design principle that I have made my trademark for my entire career. It's finally starting to catch on!
Silk ball fringe Denise was using to make window treatment from Susan's stash

Having shown Denise my recent designer room for Bucks County's annual affair, she agreed to the 10" stripe design and we got Fred to indulge us in additional templates made from scrap lumber he found in my Dad's garage! After getting the primary color completed the second day, we set about to mark the stripes, tape and paint. Sneelock's templates require the constant confirmation of the level. My contrast color for the stripe was SW Halcyon Green

Check out our creative use for Glad Press and Seal! We sealed the toilette tank and the exposed plumbing pipes. It worked like a dream.

Taking the tape off is always a great event. The amount of tape is amazing!

We then primed the vinyl floor with Zissner primer. It is a lacquer based product that bonds paint to almost anything! Ceramic tile can even be painted with the use of this product, although I have only successfully painted wall tiles and back splash tiles with it. Never tried a floor, yet!

You can find it at Home Depot. It felt like flat, smooth ceramic tile when we finished the priming. And, the floor looked a million times improved just with the primer!! We knew we were on to something.
Floor with primer only
First coat of paint on floor
Second coat of paint in a glaze or ragging, done with plastic bag!

With the new sink installed, mirror, light fixture and wall cabinet with glass doors, we hung the art, added accents that were both furnished by Black-eyed Susan and pilfered fromDenise's home, and here is the finished room!
Details on back of the toilet: small button fern, BES; Monogrammed soaps in lidded glass compote, BES and Homegoods!

Top of cabinet with glass doors. We hung this over the toilet. After several attempts to find the perfect way to fold the towels, we filled the cabinet with the perfect shade of handtowels and one row of toilet paper! Who knew toilet paper could become an accessory?! Way cute.

Great accent of framed buttons. We hung this above the toilet paper holder. A gift from years ago, yes, BES!

New light fixture (remember the retro one?!); Home Depot, new mirror; Home Goods, vintage ceramic lid hung as art (a personal favorite accent), and new hook for a hand towel; Home Depot.

Full shot of the glass door cabinet and accents below.

Denise's handiwork; silk board-mounted valance with silk ball fringe. Wrinkles, a sure indication of pure silk! Ahhhh! Beautiful!

Framed photographs of Susan's original botanicals from Temple University. We framed these in glass frames, no matts. The wall color shows through and is delightful! Photography compliments of Sneelock, frames; Michael's Craft Store. Also note the new towel bar, accent towels are hung, but no hand towels yet! (okay, I was in a hurry to take my photos!)

Detail above glass cabinet. Round accent mirror; BES, vintage books and Fleur di Ly's; Denise's private collection, reinvented!

New vanity! A great improvement; Home Depot.

Full length view of completed room! Note the painted floor and beautiful small broadloom rug.
Delightful, restful, intriguing, a thing of beauty.

Happy Birthday, dearest sister.
Blue eyes; compliments of Mom.
Okay, so I didn't give you the condensed version! I just couldn't leave out any of the details. Together, Denise, Sneelock and I took this powder room from dated and dingy to a favorite room.
We can do it for you too!
And, for the record, check out this delectable home made birthday cake that my darling 82 year old Mother made for me. At my request, yellow cake with lemon filling and white mountain frosting. YUM! Always a scratch cake. Always to die for. Thanks, Mom!


southerninspiration said...

Oooohh, looks fabulous!!


linda said...

Looks great! I love the stripe and all the accessories look wonderful as well. I sure do love shopping at Black-eyed Susan and need to come in and get some of those beautiful botanicals. You guys get an A+ on your design makeover!

Charlotte said...

Love love love it!! Thanks for giving Mom such an amazing birthday present :)

GCC said...

Sister Taylor!! It's been forever. I don't have cable, so I don't know if Trading Spaces is on anymore these days, but if it is I vote that you become one of their designers. The bathroom looks AMAZING!

shannon said...

You do know that you could rule the world, don't you?!

I am speechless!--It looks aaaammmaazzziiiinggg!!!!

P.S. You don't like my flip dog picture? :(

Denise said...

Once again, thank you thank thank you thank you!!! I put the final coat of sealant on the floor last night and have opened the bathroom for use! I just like to walk in every now and then and take a loving look around. What a morale boost! I LOVE IT!

michelle said...

The final product is just beautiful. It sure was fun watching the transformation!

I'm still cracking up over the creative uses of Press n Seal...

michelle said...

p.s. painted ceramic tile?!! I wonder if I could paint the dreaded white floor in my bathroom...

Suzanne said...

Susan, This is just beautiful! Even better than I imagined.

I also want to thank you so much for taking the time meet with me the other night in your store. (I can't get that silk dot fabric out of my head.) You are so inspiring. I will definitely be in touch. And I will also be visiting during the week of the 6th.

Again, thank you and congrats to both of you on your birthdays! Lucky you, Denise! What a lovely bathroom! :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the bathroom!