Monday, May 4, 2009

I wasn't prepared for....

It's been too long since my last post! All serious bloggers know what I'm talking about. Since my last post, I've completed the Bucks County Designer House room, taken a quick but full trip to the High Point Furniture Market, and worked a full long week catching up and designing the Las Vegas project we are involved in. Whew!
It's the Las Vegas part that I want to post about tonight. I've never been very keen on the whole Las Vegas scene. was such a departure from everyday life that I quite enjoyed it!
One night, after attending LE REVE, an intriguing water/acrobatic love story (!), we strolled around the high end distinctive shops of The Wynn hotel. Luckily, I had my camera to document what I shall call "a whole lot of style".

Get ready for some serious style:
A very large container of fresh orchids and calla lilys with monstera leaves! Striking.

Shoes, shoes,and more shoes. All to be coveted.

Black and white patent shoes....

My client wanted to try on these rhinestone super expensive shoes!

Not my style, but I thought they were interesting...very "runway" looking.

Fabulous color--lots of patent leather everywhere. Love the platforms too! (Any little extra height for me is a plus).
More versatile black and white stiletto platforms.

This ones for you, Linda! (My very cool pink-all-the -way friend).

Way cool color blocking with this chartreuse on the soul!!

Another cool sole, this one, a stripe!

I fancied these charcoal gray patent wedges. They looked very small and I was coerced into trying them on by a saleswoman hoping for a $650.00 sale! They fit! (I wear a 4 1/2 size shoe and have quite a difficult time finding a good fit) . Alas, I left them behind........

Cool orange gladiators!

I'll give this one to my sister, Denise! I nearly died wanting this's a REAL twirler!

Last style siting for the night....the ladies room! Check out the marble stalls and mosaic floor! I don't often see chandeliers like this in the bathroom, either!(View from my stall....)

And this was the stylish end to our live show! A tent of sorts that rose up and formed floating flowers over the water. This one was one of many others. Cool!

At the end of our very stylish night, we had this dessert with total style! These donuts were served on this "fixture", rather like iron sticks. The sauces are dark chocolate, vanilla creme, and caramel for dipping! YUM. I could use some right now....

Well, these are the style documentations for the evening. As you can see, it was one night chalk full of style!
Stay tuned for interior style soon to be coming to the pad!


Charlotte said...

Can I just say that I am seriously impressed with the stall view?? That is serious blogger dedication.

Jill said...

I'm impressed with the stall-view as well, you're a seasoned blogger now.

I'm frightened by all of the shoes because I can't understand how people can wear them without extreme discomfort. I don't have the high-heel wearing gene at all.

linda said...

Forget the bathroom stalls! Those shoes were all way cute and of course I loved the hot pink ones but those gray ones you tried on were pretty awesome as well!

Suzanne said...

Glad to see you back posting! :-)
Okay, I think I will take the orange gladiators, thank you. Oh, um, and the striped-bottom ones, as well as the wedges and the raincoat. (I just bought a raincoat today...ORANGE-ish)

shannon said...

The beauty of blogging is that it helps you see life in a different're always looking for things that would be interesting to document...the stall picture is the perfect example!

Love those flowers! The colors are so refreshing!

You and your fancy shoes!--
I think they would all look better on your tiny foot rather than a boat like mine...(did any of them come with oars?) :(

michelle said...

Oh my gosh. Those flowers are divine!! And the donuts with dipping sauces. And the shoes (my favorites were the rhinestone ones). But my favorite had to be the stall shot. There's one I've never thought to take!

Denise said...

You've got mad blogging skills, for sure--docuementing the stall and all.

I LOVE that coat! Can I please have the rhinestone shoes to go with it?

emily said...

This post provided the right dose of style to lift my gloomy mood. I mean, how one feel down when in the presence of yellow patten leather?