Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Heart Sings!

I have been asked to stage one of the historic homes on the 2009 Trinity House Tour! The property is simply inspiring! And, it has a name. You know how I love houses with names. Slate River Farm.

The house sits on a large parcel on Upper York Road in Solebury Township, Pa. Tickets are $30.00 each and we should have more information and brochures for you at the retail store within the next few days. I think you might want to save the date! October 17 is the date of the tour and there will be 3 or 4 homes on the tour.

There are few things that are more rewarding instantly, than accessorising, a form of staging. When personal possessions are perfectly placed in unexpected and unique ways, the result is arresting. Personal. Engaging. This process puts the personality into your home and completes the design! It's amazing how often these details are left undone by many a designer. I am really looking forward to the project and the transformation.

While taking an initial look at the property to access the possibilities, I took some snapshots to inspire you to attend.

Take a look at the beauty we live with in historic Bucks County, Pa.

Fabulous old iron work re-invented in the wine cellar. Beautiful!!

The ivy growing up the exterior of the house forms a natural and enticing privacy "blind". So cozy. So stylish!

Now this is what I call a stylish skylight! I hate skylights on the whole, but this one was made in the fashion of the historic property and very fitting to the style of the house. You'll have to come see it for yourself to get the real picture. Yes, I could handle this kind of skylight.

Exterior courtyard and gates. And wait till you see what is to follow! Lots of historic stone walls, inside and out.

Step into a pristine barn just waiting for Rhett Butler to enter. In the South, fancy balls were held in these kinds of barns with black-tie attire. They are a wonder...and, a must see!

A view looking into the horses live here now, but when this becomes my dreamed of Bed and Breakfast, I'm positive my daughter Jessie will fill them right up!

This is a view into the walking stalls. After the horses had a workout, they were tethered here to cool off with a slow walk. Lucky ones!

Along the outside wall of the walking stall.

I'll keep you posted with my before and after shots of the project. I've been told that all the properties are spectacular. Hope to see you there!

*note to self: Hit Sneelock up for the $6 million needed to purchase the Bed and Breakfast*


Suzanne said...

I wish I could visit this treasure, but I'm leaving for Chicago that same day! :-(

Congratulations on being asked to stage this home. What an honor. Please show us more.

J & I will happily be your first guests when the B&B opens! (We'll even help paint. (Walls, furniture, whatever.) wink. ;-)

Lee said...

I can't wait to help you. It's going to be so much fun. By the way I love homes with names. Ours which we need to get a sign, we named it Pinerowe. Lee

emily said...

COngratulations on being chosen to stage this beautiful home! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I love the historic properties in the East. Seeing them makes me want to settle out there someday. (but then I remember how horribly my hair fares in humidity.)

Jill said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see more of this amazing place, especially after you've worked your magic on it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I sent a friend to view your portfolio and it cannot be viewed. Are we the only ones with this problem?

Suzanne said...

Anonymous - I sometimes have trouble with viewing susan's portfolio, too. It's a little tricky. Have to have the screen the right size or something. After clicking on the black box over there on the right, I click on "Interior Design" in the brown box, then "View Portfolio" and THEN wait for the page to load. Hope that helps you, and i hope susan sees this to maybe have her computer gurus fix it so that its a little easier to get to, as I know that there are many more people who would like a direct link or something. ;-)

michelle said...

What a beautiful property! I'm sure Sneelock will have no problem with the purchase price.

p.s. you're overdue for a new banner, let me know if you have any ideas!

Bond Girl 007 said...

wow....what a beautiful place, the stone is amazing.......can't wait to see your magic.! Finally got a computer to take a peak....ohhhh the loss when technology is not around.....snif....

Denise said...

That does look like a Rhett Butler barn, for sure! I just visited a friend in Utah who owns horses and would pine for that place.