Sunday, November 22, 2009

Multiple holiday setups+store events+intense interior deadlines+sickness=blogging setback!

In response to many inquiries as to "where I have been" of late, my title just about says it all.

While knowing that my Paris trip was quickly approaching, and trying to get my design projects to a state where work can continue without my input, completing three full days of all-day Christmas set-ups, squeezing in several early morning design appointments, doing a tiny bit of shopping for necessities prior to my trip, continuing on a full self-diagnosed cold/flu treatment, and finally staying up most of the night prior to leaving for get the picture! (That run-on sentence is about equivalent to my life right now!)

Our yearly setup for the Rittenhouse Square Penthouse Christmas was completed during the week, and it was rewarding and beautiful. The owner greeted us with high expectations and rooms full of boxed ornaments, along with (2) 12' trees. My team of four came armed with multiple tall ladders, additional ornaments, snacks and energy for the long day.

Here I am, with ladder in hand, ready to start one of the 12' trees. Jeff, co-designer ended up doing both trees while I did the rest of The Penthouse! Sweet!

Beautiful historic arched french doors, mantles galore, 14' ceilings and a delightful homeowner who gives us creative license always makes for an enjoyable day's work. We got off to a great start and finished the project (with my team of 4) in about 9 hours. Whew! Good thing beautiful surroundings sustains long hours. The doorman informed George, one of my new crew members, that The Rittenhouse is the oldest building in Philadelphia.

This was our view as we approached Rittenhouse Square. Note the 6 Christmas trees on the two sides of the 20th floor balconies! Quite an engineering feat, to be sure. Our job was the interior Christmas.

One of Liz's trees was designed around the hot pink and cream Scalamandre silk drapery panels in the dining room. It's quite a glamorous tree with the background of the city.

One of the many mantles in The Penthouse, in the living room. Gilded tinsel trees fill the fireplace (nonworking!) with multiple glass vessels holding candles. I also added a collection of gilded bird's nests and eggs, and a few ornaments as well. The top of the mantle heralded a second collection of the tinsel trees.

One of my favorite vintage inspired lantern-style chandeliers (of which there are four down the center hall), shown with a chocolate ornament of an acorn topped by a bird. One of these hangs on each lantern.

The entryway is grounded by this 70" eglimoise mirror. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the beginning of the four lanterns. The images reflected are magical!

This fine marble bust is in the Christmas spirit with a juniper wreath and organdy ribbon. A few sprays nested with chocolate ornaments accent the chocolate /gold striped wallpaper in the foyer and hall. A bit of whimsy, the unexpected, and style!

In the dining room, this antique French chandelier is dressed in greens and assorted hot pink ornaments from the tree collection. This chandelier was the first inspiration for the hot pink silk striped draperies. A prized gift to Liz now becomes part of the Christmas drama!

Now, the view as we left, nine hours later. The sun has set and take a look at the 6 trees on the balconies once again.

This part of Philadelphia is really a beautiful sight. Merry Christmas to The Square from Black-eyed Susan and Liz.


Jill said...

Everything is so gorgeous! We haven't decorated for Christmas around here yet, but we're more homespun than fancy.

Lee said...

I wish I had been able to go, sorry I missed it and wasn't able to. It looks absolutely beautiful. Bravo!

michelle said...

I especially love that last photo with the lit trees outdoors. How exciting to work in this historic building -- what a fun project!

Suzanne said...

How on earth did I miss this post?
Amazing job! Stunning.
Sorry you were sick. :(