Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paris Day 1

We started out the morning of our arrival walking one of the Paris Flea Markets that would only be there Saturday and Sunday . It's rather hard to get the whole effect of the market, but I shot this photo as we started down the first isle.

Here are a few of my favorite things!

Of course, one of my favorite, favorite things to collect...buttons! The flea market is full of various vendors. This box of mother of pearl buttons in three sizes, exlarge, large, and medium caught my eye. This was one of my first purchases!

My daughter, Michelle, has made friends with one particular man who has a fabulous display to sort through each market. I purchased some of my favorites from him my last visit and found more treasures here this time as well. I'll try to share some of my selections if I don't become too attached to them before I can get them to the store! I did find a particular special find for my bedroom makeover project...to be revealed next week during the final installation!

Many of you who were in my classes for my home tour a few weeks ago know of my love for vintage silver. Trays and trays of the finest silver to "character quality" silver are abundant for discovery here.

Another thing in abundance are dogs! Vendors, patrons, and beggars by the dozen have dogs in tow. I must say that almost all dogs in Paris are well-mannered. This wired haired scraggly one indulged me in a photo! Parisians are not happy to be photographed on the whole. Not sure how their dogs feel!

My love of old keys took me straight to this booth. They are plentiful as well, however, fairly expensive.
I purchased several of these enamel number plates. Remember the enamel numbers I found on another trip and posted on my black doors? I could just see these tied with tiny black grosgrain dressing the top of a piece of art or another collection. Yes, I'll try to share.

A set of four darling French chairs that looked like they had been painted (the fabric!)...hmmm, where have I seen that?! I had to walk up to them to examine what I saw and confirmed my suspicion. You can look for my painted French chairs to make an appearance in the Christmas store windows soon!

Here I am seated in one of the French chairs. (Plane hair, and all....)

You know how I love anything orange, and this vintage dial phone caught my eye.

I found this collection of walking sticks and thought how nice they would be added to mine! Then the vision of my all too full luggage came to mind, and I was forced to pass them by. Oh, they did speak to my heart, however.

As we neared the end of the Market, I took time to browse through these book plates of historic furniture. Too many to choose from. Oh, dear.

Michelle had found this vendor the last time she came! Her booth was full of fabulous labels, seed packets, ribbons, linens and all manner of dry goods. I spent several hundred euros here and breathed deeply.

Take a look at this pale pink silk taffeta ribbon. I passed it by, but I'm not sure how....

I guess you can see why, even sleep deprived and weary after an 8 hour plane ride and a trip through customs at the Paris airport, it was a must-do visit. I love Paris flea markets.

I'll try to spread the joy around. Come see some of my findings at the store when I return!


Lee said...

How I wish I were there in that Paris flea market. Have you been to my favorite bridge? I don't know the name of it but I took photos on it. It is spectacular with winged golden horses in the center of the Seine.
I named it Lisa's bridge. I told my husband it was the most beautiful spot in the world. We also ate at Cafe Marly for lunch by the Louve.
Vive La France!. I'm so proud of you blogging from Paris. You go girl! Lee

Lee said...

I love those chairs! How Susan are they huh?
And the phone? I love the picture of you sitting on the chair, too cute. You'll have to place it in a frame near the chairs when you do your windows for fun. Hee Hee. Lee
PS. The dog is too sad to look at.

michelle said...

Flea marketing is even more fun to do with you!!

Suzanne said...

Ooh-la-la! Love it all! xoxo

jacklynn4 said...

Hi, I'd love to buy some of the enamel numbers. Do you still have some? How many and how much? Thanks, Jackie