Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sing Noel!

Last evening, the family took a metro ride to the area where the high end department stores are to view the Christmas windows! We were not disappointed.

At the Galeries Layfayette , the first set of windows were all about pink! My cute friend and buying cohart, Linda, would be thrilled! After all, she is also all about pink!

Stacks of pink boxes...(I wanted to get in there and show them a real stylish bow) but they caught my fancy anyway!

Mannequins with pink wigs! And what wigs they were. Extreme styles, extreme color, and extreme coiffed do's. Oh, yes, it was all about style!

...and just check out these eyelashes!

Pink boxes stacked with bottle after bottle of interesting eggplant parfum bottles. Add another pink-wigged mannequin, and voila!

As we moved on, this sign "Noel Gourmand" led us to additional windows with themes of a "sweet Christmas", yes all confection related.

Pink ornaments, pink marshmellows, pink mints, everything pink!

Pink macarons fabricated from satins and velvets formed this croquenbouche stacked and surrounded by more pink boxes, tea sets and pearls.

This was a personal favorite, a box of popcorn fashioned from passementarie trim!! Two of my passions together...passementaries and popcorn! Note the satin jelly roll and ice cream cones as well. So cute.

This window, hot pink marshmallows! And what marshmallow confection cake would be complete without champagne?

And towards the end, a bit of relief from the pink with several windows back-lit with blue. White snowy themes, peaceful blue windows.

Paris really knows how to do Christmas windows!

Perhaps the Black-eyed Susan Christmas windows will reflect a bit of Paris inspiration.


Lee said...

No offense to the French, but I like your windows better. Lee

Country French Judi said...

Ahhh the memories for me. I have been to all those places. Don't you just absolutely hate to leave. Pink, na it reminds me of the 80's with the seafoam green. Sue just enjoy all the art and the gilded gold on the bridges of the Seine. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

linda said...

The pink windows are beautiful and I even love the wigs!! I am hoping you find some beautiful scarves for me and for the store!!!

Susan said...

Yes,s I think you'll be happy with the scarves I found for you, but I'm having a difficult time giving up any of the others (many, many!) that I bought for the store!

I guess I'll sacrifice, however, and my Black-eyed Susan clients who love style as much as we do, come in soon for the best selection!

michelle said...

What a fun outing that was! And yes, they could definitely use a bow tutorial from you...