Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Paris Thanksgiving...or not!

In planning a day trip to Bruges, as a family we decided that Thanksgiving day just might be the perfect day. American Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday in France. We thought it would be a memorable day to count in our treasury of Thanksgivings.

Bruges is a quaint, historic village in the uppermost northern point of Belgium. The high speed train ride and consequent transfers took us through rural France and was picturesque. While the thought had crossed our minds of the possibility of cloudy, cool weather, we had not anticipated steady rain with periods of downright downfall!

It was indeed, a memorable Thanksgiving Day!

Upon arriving in the city, this was the first sign that greeted us. You might have well asked me to perform brain surgery as to interpret this! It was basically Greek to us all.

Flemish is the language spoken and the natives don't take nicely to French! They do respond, however, to English.

Being so near the Scandanavian culture, bicycling is a main mode of transportation. I even saw an entire parking garage underground that was only for bicycles! This mass of cycles was quite a sight.

Likewise, many signs throughout the city were specific for the cyclists.

An early stop in the day, partially to duck out of the rain and at the request of my grandson, Lucas...Belgium style fries with toppings and beignets (a bit like our doughnut holes, only finer!).

This is a small taste o the colorful and beautiful architecture to be found all about the city.

More to come later on this.

No trip to Bruges would be complete without sampling the native waffles and hot chocolate. By this time it was pouring down rain, my granddaughter, Eva, was soaked from head to toe (and still in fine spirits! I'm afraid I can't say the same for me.)

Just look at these colorful cups of hot chocolate!

Good thing we got our self portrait before the deluge of rain.

After a long train ride home including 3 transfers and a two-stop metro adventure, we made it back to the apartment only to put the finishing touches on a good soaking all the way to the bone on the way home from the metro station.

This picture outside the Bruges train station says it all!


michelle said...

Oh that rain! It would have been so wonderful without that rain. Still, I'm sure it will be a Thanksgiving we won't forget!

michelle said...

p.s. I'm grateful to have spent Thanksgiving with you, even in the rain!

Susan said...

Ditto to you! Miss you.


Lee said...

Although I know you wouldn't give anything to be full time with your daughter, you were missed here. Love the photos. Lee

Lee said...

PS. Love the new Border/header it looks fantastique!