Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Market, To Market to Buy a....

Ice storms aside, I spent the last few days in NYC completing the January market selections for the new inventory that will flood the back door soon at Black-eyed Susan!

New York Market it always on the heels of The Atlanta Market, and I always wish there were just a few more weeks between...That being said, 4:30 a.m. comes awfully early in the morning when preparing to catch the train into the city for the day.

We always try to find new resources, the cutest and the most stylish. I think I did it.

Probably my favorite find of the trip...these fabulous tea towels in every single favorite color! 100% linen and user friendly+style! What more could you ask?!

Just another portion of the same collection...

Additional coordinating graphic prints. So perfect.

Reusable green bag for shopping...complete with inside key pocket and more!

You know that new jewelry is always on my radar! What do you think about these new selections?! I'll take one of each,thank you.

Layering + glitz. Yes.

Cutest new dining chair...pure style.

Yet another favorite, and both are very well priced! You can ask me more about these!

One of my favorite designer/vendors is David. He scouts all over France and England for cool finds to add to his collection. I've noticed that many of my personal favorites throughout my home are from his collections over the years. We had a fun conversation about this quadrant of framed pieces. You can't see the background, by they have old ledgers behind the inkblots! (Emily, I think this could be the first piece of art for your future office!)

Again, I'll talk all 9. All the ledgers are original vintage pages! Be still my heart.

Will I ever get enough of this style of pillows? Bring them on, please!

Coolest bedding collection; sharp lime and gray...duvet and coordinating pillows. Once again, pure style.

These are just a few of my favorite things soon to be appearing. Stop in for a look!


linda said...

Love, love the tea towels and the jewelry! Please put some in my Easter Basket! Lime and gray, too cute!

jt said...

i WANT that tea towel! Really, I do. I think I might want all of them, but only reading the first one, I put that at number one. Also, I haven't gotten new tea towels in so many years. Just putting it out there. And I love the lime and gray.

Sophia said...

I love the green and gray! It looks so cool! I want that for my room! Granted not sure how it would look with all my blue (My mom's fashion gene skipped me).

Also, I love that saying from the previous blog: "Beware of all enterprises that require a new set of clothes!" I know that is certainly a sin to say for both you and my mom who have the most stylish clothes out of anyone I know! :)

michelle said...

Those tea towels are covetous for sure!!