Monday, August 27, 2012

Field Trip!

It's not very often that the staff at Black-eyed Susan fits in a side trip of interest during our everyday work schedule. *sigh*

At the end of the week last week, Jackie and I found ourselves within relatively close proximity to a destination that we had been wanting to find time for. We were in Downingtown for an accessory call/consultation, and on the way back to Buckingham, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch and a fun field trip! 

*NOTE TO SELF*  do this more often!!!

One of my employees, Anne (with an "e"; kindred spirit!)  had been treated to a trip here several weeks ago and came back with a glowing recommendation . Take a look at what we found.

We sat down in the most charming open air cafe and treated ourselves to lunch!

First course was this frosty ice water served in a pint size mason jar and a fine specimen of bread baked in this clay pot! It was divine. Herb ed butter with sea salt and a bit of honey was served on the side. It didn't last long! I'm definitely going to try this with my favorite Sheepherders Bread recipe.

We both ordered this gauchpazio soup with balsamic drizzle. Spicy and cool. Yum!

We split this portabela mushroom and roasted red pepper sandwich which equaled our delight.

Our bill came tucked inside this paperback book!  The whole experience was delightful and entertaining. We commented several times on feeling a bit guilty while the rest of the staff toiled away...

This vision made me feel like I was walking the streets of Paris!

Next, I'll give you just a bit of the kind of inspiring merchandising we took in.
Yes, colorful and stylish pickles!

Red kitchen timers, vintage inspired.

Pink lemonade. So pretty.

These tear off pads of cheese papers caught my eye. I have purchased from that vendor before for the store.
 Love. It.

These trays of fresh lettuce reminded me of the artificial lettuce I have at the store! Great centerpieces mixed with fresh hydrangeas.

Stacks of French tea towels. Favorite colors; orange and gray!

I just had to document these lovely succulents, the exact same ones (artificial) that you will find at Black-eyed Susan!

Of course, they had plenty of fresh succulents for the taking as well. Yes.

Let me explain! Moss spheres (real) packed in water...then the whimsical white marker..."I love the Lake" and "I love summer". Oh. My. I was really taken by this. I would suppose the water had some kind of preservative? So cute. I love moss...what's not to love?!

Yes, terrariums!

Fresh and glorious succulents. Want.

 We had a wonderful field trip, much deserved and much enjoyed. I highly recommend it.

Terraine is located in West Chester, Pa. I came away inspired and ready for the next night shift. Definitely worth the trip! Make sure you have time to see the entire spread...and take me along too!


michelle said...

It all looks wonderful!

I was especially taken with the French tea towels. Obviously.

Lee said...

Yummy! That looks wonderful. Life is too short Susan, you must do that more often.

linda said...

I love the bread in the clay pot! So cute! I want to go eat there, will we ever have time...