Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 winter Atlanta Market...yes,2013

Linda and I arrived last night, checked into our room and settled in for a long week's work. After driving the four hours from Charlotte, unpacking two high maintenance gal's wardrobes,hair tools and makeup needs,we sat down to do some organizing and review the budgets and sales from the 2012 holiday season .

About 11:45 it was lights out,hoping for a good nights sleep . In the dark of our room, we both heard a riotous noise coming from the lobby, most disturbing at this time of night! After a few phone calls, we were told that there was a large group in house (around 1100) who seemed to be enjoying loud partying in the bar for the last several nights. This was certainly not condusive to our sleep plan!

A few hours later, we finally fell asleep, a few hours short of a good nights sleep for say one on the market floors. Unfortunately, we had to change rooms this morning in anticipation of another nights interrupted sleep by the described party goers. Take a look at the amount of effort this was...

Having done this, we got a rather late start on our days work. I'm happy to report that we made progress designing next years color I stories. We covered two full floors today. Here are a few of our finds...good and bad!

This fabulous container had a beautiful fresh succulent in it. Wow.

...some pretty fabulous colors...

We won't be buying anything from this collection!

Sorry,no photo of your favorite buyers today...I'm having a learning curve trying to use my new iPad for blogging! There is a cute photo somewhere out there "in the cloud" of us.



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Lee said...

Oh Susan I am so happy Linda is with you. Tell her I said that. How fun. Some day perhaps I can go and carry you and Linda's shoe bags. Hee Hee.
How exciting! OH MY GOSH I already started thinking about Christmas for next year. Please report on everything absolutely everything new okay.
Love ya