Thursday, January 10, 2013

Market day two

Whew! Another successful day of sourcing and order writing. These first few days are all about finding our themes and colors for next years Holiday offerings and designs. It's a lot of work and thought. we scour vendor after vendor, make our notes and review each night until we have our final plan.

While we aren't too far into the game, I'll share a few things with you!

We ordered these stylish tree skirts! I can already think of several Black-eyed Susan fans who will want one.

And how about this glamorous tablecloth for wedding cake tables? ( How long is it before my grand daughters get married?!) Actually, Linda and I are doing a wedding this spring in Salt Lake City and this will be the perfect thing. Look for Pinterest documentation on this one. Wow!

You can look for these for my 2013 organic tree! Following our lead from 2102, there is an abundance of organic themes introducing burlap, lace and rhinestone bling. So cool. Don't worry,we ordered our share.

Lastly, we found a great example of "glitter gone wrong"...what are your thoughts?!

Linda and I hit the cash and carry tomorrow morning,bright and early. I'll alert you of the latest trends and maybe even "what not to wear"!

......for now,I need to give some planning time to what shoes to wear tomorrow.


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Lee said...

Wow Linda looks great! Omgosh Susan I want that tree skirt with the glittery buttons. How lovely. Please take more photos