Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Final day...going home!

When the suitcases are packed and the bathroom is emptied out, it really seems like the end is in sight.

Picture two high maintenance women, three oversized suitcases, several assorted rolling carts, and a new assortment of cash and carry jewelry and scarves that have been added to the weight load. The bell captain paled a bit at the sight!

With an earlier than usual start, we headed out for our final day, edited list in hand. One building, three floors and about 20 showrooms to hit, we picked up our pace a bit.

We did some major shopping for my assignment for the Bucks County Designer House ( watch for more details) and placed orders for new accessories for my store. It's pretty bare since the holiday merchandise has been taken down.

I ordered these wall mounted ceramic birds...two sizes. Very cool!

We saw this impact merchandising and took note ( in a good way!) ...

...and this one (it's a fish, by the way) we noted in a bad way!

I purchased a showroom sample from a favorite vendor to use in my designer room...a small linen chair, and had to carry it out and down 10 floors to the street side level of the Merchandise Mart. Linda went to our hotel to get the car and I managed the chair. Naturally, I was needing Sneelock! On the way to the elevator, I passed this display of hanging vintage inspired lids and couldn't help but smile. How many years has that been a Susan trademark?! I was happy to see it.

Even happier to see the car come around the corner, load the chair and head out of town.

It's been another successful market. Soon the new orders will be flooding in the back door and Anne and I will be pulling the night shift again. For now, another day of travel to get home doesn't sound too bad.

Thanks, Linda, for another entertaining and supportive week. I couldn't do it without you.

Location:Charlotte, NC

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