Friday, January 11, 2013

Atlanta Market Day 3

I just have one thing to say about the new jewelry trends...

IT'S ALL ABOUT COLOR!  And to be exact, coral and turquoise! I've got plenty of it on order, so if you want to be singing the spring color pallet, you'd better hurry in!

This is what we found, booth after booth;

 Color, color, color. Bright, beautiful color!
These are a few of the items I ordered! Wow. It's going to be a fun spring and summer!
 Here's Linda modeling one of the cute enamel selections. Move over,'s all about Bucks County local shopping!

About 6:30pm, I had to resort to walking in my stocking feet. Luckily, I had a long skirt on and it went largely unnoticed! By the way, that's our haul from the cash and carry...the stuff we didn't have shipped!

 (Closeup of Susan's shoes after 9 hours of shopping...)

Here is the photo of Linda and I from the first day. It was floating around "in the cloud" until yesterday!

 So, we've had a quick room service salad, organized the purchase orders, sorted the jewelry purchases, detailed a new list for tommorrows stops and reviewed our needs for the next few days. It's time to turn in and refresh for another day. Stay tuned for more style reports.


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Lee said...

Linda looks fab and so do you as always. Want more Christmas stuff. Can't wait.