Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Organic Christmas!

One of our trees this year has an organic theme! I love it...Linda tolerates it and showed great support to design the tree...I tried to take a photograph of it but it didn't interpret well...if you like the organic craze with burlap and lace, buttons and natural themes, we've got the cutest mix ever!

Day three proved to be a long day with plenty of interruptions (three print ad copies due today, each a different design.)1 Sneelock met me at the store to photograph multiple settings all put together yesterday with the ads in mind. They all turned out great and the final okay was given to Fred just a wee bit before midnight.

Linda worked on the organic tree most of the day between interruptions. I detailed another mantle, prepared for a big delivery tomorrow by clearing the path from bins, boxes, ornament piles and large baskets.

Here is a little peek at some of our creations today;

The front room window always creates a place for drama. One of my lushest garlands graces the mantle dressed with beautiful mercury glass vases filled with holiday green and succulents mixed together. Three center medium sized votives take center stage. I have a bit to do to complete this area but like the look so far.

Ann worked on the front window table using orange and white themed items. I have some one of the prettiest assortments of interesting glass this year than I have ever had. I hope you stop by to see!

These ceramic deer head/busts were a hit last year. Add your own branches for antlers...large or small. There is a wall mount too! I have one in my family room all year round. So cool.

Here you have a shot of Linda's organic tree. It was so fun to buy for, and there was a huge variety to choose from. Burlap, birds, nests, pine ones, deer, an owl or two, and paper document ornaments...each one more of a favorite than the one before. You will be inspired by the variety and ideas of how to use them.

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Just a little corner of the organic tree...I love it!

Birch and pine ones...

Nests of all varietys !

We made our list of must dos tomorrow and headed for home. Garlands, more tabletop creations, the French display cabinet and window sills Re all on the list for Tuesday. My cute painter came in tonight after I left to paint a dramatic accent wall for me! Who doesn't love a painter who paints for you T midnight to make a quick change. I'll always share his name with you if you ask!

I'm ready to turn out out the lights and have dreams of sugarplums for tomorrow's creations!

Come see the magic!

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