Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Love at Black-eyed Susan!

Take a look at this adorable couple--Jessica and Dustin!! In early December, they will become man and wife. (They're too dang cute!)

Last week, we got together to review and refine the centerpieces that Black-eyed Susan will furnish, design and set-up for their wedding. The centerpieces were planned one year ago (now that's what I call planning!) when they walked in to the store after purchasing the most fabulous diamond you have ever seen at T. Foster &Co. just next door. And, the darling groom has been just as involved as the bride in the excitement of the decos! I like that!

We will be creating a winter wonderland, if you will, of 24" glass cylinder vases with icy branches sitting in snow, and dripping with icyicles. Glass and glitter together is the magic formula. Their wedding will be held at The Sand Castle Winery--magical and romantic!!

As we browsed the store in a private shopping spree after hours, Jessica stopped cold when she discovered what she call, "glitter kix"!! That's a pretty good discription of these little sparkley spheres! Glitter kix. Great vision.

When the wedding takes place, I'll post more photos of the end result.

Congratulations Jessica and Dustin! Thanks for letting us be a part of the magic!


michelle said...

Glitter Kix! That's too perfect. Anyone would be lucky to have Black-eyed Susan doing their wedding decorations.

Rin said...

I saw this blog and thought of should get paid to blog your ideas on here...I think at least.

Denise said...

I'm sure we could all use some Glitter Kix! Sign me up!