Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News Flash! Successful Event!!

Last Thursday evening we had our first of many complimentary events in the retail store. These events require registration,but have no cost to attend. During the next few months, we will be demonstrating new products, Susan's favorite finds, Susan's trend reports for party planning, centerpieces, mantles and garlands, chandelier embellishments and more! You can call the retail store for more information at 215-321-4104.

The line at the cash register for checkout! Yes, they came!
Cute Nancy looking satisfied with her finds!

The first event is an annual one that is generally anticipated by all , "Susan's First Peek". We discussed three prominent color trends and many unique purchases were pointed out. Techniques along with suggestions for using our fabulous offerings were plentiful. Although the store was jam packed (24 in attendance!), each guest was given individual attention and advice while making selections at a special discounted price for the evening.

Believe it or not, Lisa is the Mother of a teenager! She requested
a photo of the two of us, and I indulged.....even though my new haircut
makes my face look even chubbier than ever....(I never knew I
had a fan!)

These are a few photos of how the evening will be remembered. I hope you'll join us for the events to come! I've even added a few more to be announced soon! Retail is such fun.


michelle said...

I wish I lived close enough to attend such events.... I love that you are taking self-portraits.

Bond Girl 007 said...

ohhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhh...I love things like this, and things that you sell....like that...congratulations on your successful evening

Susan said...

Sorry for all the repeat photos....I posted this in two different sessions on two different nights.....I guess it's the learning curve!

emily said...

I love being a subscriber to the Susan Trend Report!

Denise said...

But you neglected to tell us WHAT the "three prominent color trends" are! Do we have to come to your store to find out? Guess I'll have to wait until that first week in December. . . .

I can't believe that beautiful Lisa is old enough to have a teenaged child! Love the SP.