Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paris Views

This is the view from our apartment window. In the heart of the city and within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, one can feel the excitement of Paris close at hand. There is a gourmet grocery store directly across the street that is open until 11:30pm and always teeming with activity. All needs from fine chocolate to cheese and exotic juices are close at hand!

A closeup of the fresh produce to be found at Carrefour, the local grocer.

Fabulous architecture is at every turn. Highly decorative doors are the norm, corbels and gargoyles abound, and ironwork dresses almost every window. I never tire of photographing these elements, although I'm not such an expert as Michelle or Fred!

Decorative iron, corbels and beautiful windows! A true delight to the eye. It's everywhere!

Even the rooftops are beautiful, and chimney pots are the norm. I'll show you a better photo of these later.
Most building have an angled corner like this! These views of the buildings are sometimes the most interesting. Window boxes are also the norm, and even this time of year can be seen brimming with geraniums and fancy ivies.

Color is everywhere and in assorted brights and pastels. This French bistro boasts pink and grey chairs. Oh so French.

Benches in bright green...

And last of all, for tonight, these colorful chairs in the metro! (The metro could be an entire post on its own. I'll have too do that!)

There's just not much not to love about Paris.


Lee said...

Oh my Gosh! can you save some of those sweet confections for me? Hee Hee.
I love your pictures and love that your blogging from Paris. How fun!
I Love it! But I miss my friend.

michelle said...

I like seeing Paris through your eyes!