Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the job, day 5 and 6

Each day at market, we feel the pressure a little more to complete our buying search.

Some vendors take hours to work with.

Some days, there are long lines to get lunch.

Some days, there is not lunch.

Some days, we find superior treasures.

Some days, none.

Some days, we catch the shuttle on the first run.

Some days, we wait...and wait...and wait...

Some days, the elevator is jam-packed.

Some days, we take the escalator.

Some days, we wear stylish shoes.

Some days, our feet hurt.

Some days, we trade shoes.

Today, we filled in the last of the Halloween purchases. One of our favorite vendors is a vintage reproduction designer. She has loads of glass glitter houses, figures, banners, and trees. I admit, I had to order the crows in party hats again for the second year. Take a look at one of her displays, complete with small "potion bottles" filled with orange and black glass glitter! The display was further complete with the addition of a vintage ledger beneath it.

We found this very pink (!) glass glitter house to complete the pink accent story that we selected at the end of the Holiday buying. I mean, a girl just can't resist a little pink holiday merchandise!

I couldn't resist documenting this totally American style crepe! Although the booth was filled with authentic Parisian music and cute cooks in chef's hats (a little like French cartoon depiction), this crepe was filled with chicken, spinach, cheese, and a little raspberry dressing! I could just see my daughter, Michelle, rolling her eyes at this one! Really, it wasn't bad, although a little on the crisp side. Lunch at market is seldom memorable.

I realize that I did not give you the day 5 report! Mid day on day 5, I started to feel like a major allergy attack had just hit. By 6:00pm, I was to discover that a full blown, major cold was coming on. By 8:30pm, I was out like a light with two NyQuil. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Courtney said...

Please buy lots of pink glitter stuff and make sure Mikimom buys it for her favorite oldest daughter :)

michelle said...

Oh dear, not a cold on top of all that!

It cracks me up that you two can switch shoes. I'm sure you don't know anyone else you could do that with!

The crêpe doesn't sound too bad, just not authentic.

All of that glittery Halloween stuff has made a Halloween convert out of me.

Michelle said...

The little pink house may be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Denise said...

Nyquil--ah the joys! I made the mistake one time of thinking I could get up in the middle of the night (after taking two Nyquil prior to bedtime) to let the dog out. I couldn't even walk straight! I wondered if this is what it felt like to be slightly tipsy.