Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 2.....can we go home now?

At the end of an extremely tiring day (leaving at 8:30am and returning to our room at about 9:00pm), all of your comments made us roar with laughter!

Take a second look at the shoes we are wearing and you will have pity on us. We started out the day at one of our California vendors who offers a nice assortment for Holiday and everyday. We found some great things, but our favorite and best photo of the day was in the worst you will see!

In the world of fashion, both home fashion and ready to wear, there is a general rule of thumb that a bit of animal print is always interesting and always classic. It never seems to go out of style. However, we seem to have found an exception to this rule, as seen above.........leopard printed poinsettas!!!! EEK! (If you look closely, you will also see a tiger printed one!) Oh, my. What can I say, bad, bad, bad, very bad, so bad, BAD!

At the end of the design day, once again, glass glitter wins the prize. We ordered glittered ferns, glittered berries, glittered ivy, glittered deer, snowmen, Santas, glittered and snowy viburnim. What is it about glass glitter, anyway? (I'll have to tell you that my receiver and full time sales person, Kim, recently took the last remaining Santas in stock and glittered them up! They all sold within days!) Go, Kim! Great idea.

A closeup of glittered ivy that will be used to create wreaths for Black-eyed Susan's 2009 Christmas season.

Seen here, a deliciously fabulous glass glitter snowflake. Wow!

For those of you who were fans of our absolute best selling diffuser (Balsam and Cedar), we may be getting a few jar candles that may be available. We did order a very nice wintry new scent to fill our homes with the new diffusing, soothing scent of Yuzu Mint . We should have them soon.

In the middle of the day, we took a few hours and had a very PEACEFUL trip through the cash and carry jewelry show. We always find the newest trends, colors, styles and offerings here. We did a little purchasing for the store, for us and for sisters! It may not have been our favorite, but by far, the biggest trend was the peace sign! And for the record, the peace sign in swaroski crystals is pretty darn cute! (We brought back a few, so come check them out!)

Well, we have a few hours of order-sorting to do, calculating and list-refining before we can turn in. How I wish Sneelock were here for a good foot rub. Now what shoes can I wear tomorrow?

Tune in again for day 3.


Jill said...

The leopard print poinsettas are heinous, but the tiger them really crosses the line.

shannon said...

Those pointsettas are horrible and wrong...the creator of these must have been related to the creator of the ghetto holy family.

Glass glitter is oh so enchanting--I want to be dipped in it when I die!

michelle said...

I love that you're documenting your hideous finds -- I think that's my favorite part! Oh dee on those poinsettias...

I never thought I'd want a peace sign necklace, but I guess swaroski crystals can make a believer out of anyone.

I don't know how you walk around in those shoes all day.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Oh please, please, please tell me where I can get some of those leopard print poinsettias. I have a zebra Christmas sweater I'd like to attach one to!

JUST KIDDING!!! ewwww! That is the perfect example of a good thing going wrong. VERY wrong!

Denise said...

Yeah for "purchases for sisters!"

I'm a little askance at the peace sign necklace, but remember my favorite Primary song that applies to fashion advice from you: "I will go, I will do. . ." Also, I agree with what Michelle said about Swaroski crystals.

I can't even imagine how sore your feet must be! Did you bring any comfortable shoes? Oh--silly me.

charlotte said...

I'll have to trust you on the peace sign necklace, and fortunately, trusting you never leads me astray in the world of fashion!

I love the glitter :)

Hope your feet will recover!

emily said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog commenting, and I have to say that I could do the swaroski crystal necklace. I'm with Mom on the "I will go, I will do" the things you recommend. I think that the glass glitter snowflake makes up for even the heinous poinsettas.