Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Entertainer!

Meet Robert Chesnut! There has never been a more entertaining landscape designer, ever!

Robert Chesnut and Susan!

Our meeting with Robert was preceded by a description that proved to be very apt. As he literally lept in the air, pulling his pant legs up to show how tall the baseboards should be, we could barely contain our amusement! Broad, exaggerated gestures accompanied every word. On his person, at all times, is a sketch pad, which he readily pulls out to render his ideas--ideas of all kinds. He rapidly sketched the interior trim additions he felt were necessary. (We were taken back by his interest in the interior, having been introduced as the "landscape" designer, but his ideas were good, valid, and very entertaining to say the least.

During our initial meeting of several hours, Robert quickly made the suggestion that we put together a HGTV special together. Now that would have been a show! He continued the visit by referring to crown molding as an "eyebrow" again, using his enthusiastic gestures. (I never thought to take any video to share with you......our first meeting was long before my blog was born)

Our last visit to Charleston led us on yet another adventure with Robert Chesnut. (Have you ever met anyone that forever thereafter was referred to by first and last name? It just seems appropriate with Robert Chesnut.

This adventure was to select and get our stamp of approval for the exterior living space plantings and large trees. All at the nursery seemed to realize the importance of his visit and as my sister, Denise says, "They swept a path before and behind him"! We roamed the nursery selecting exotic plantings of all kinds. When one would be finalized between us all, Robert Chesnut would "tag" it with his red ribbon in a style only a flamboyant designer could! Check out the various selections.

One of several large urns to be used for exotic plantings on the deck.

Robert tagging his "find"!Align Left

A beautiful variegated specimen

Something tall and willowy! He LOVED this one!

One fabulous square planter, wow!

Robert spies a colorful blooming espalier tree----orange! Note the colorful outfit he has on!

Lush and bright, another planter is found.

Now, that was quite a visit! Robert Chesnut fully entertained us for several hours while selecting, tagging and gesturing with abandon. And these are just a few of the dozens of selections we approved. I'll show you more when the plants arrive on the job site. Stay tuned.


michelle said...

I love Robert Chesnut! He seems very entertaining, and I found his interest in/knowledge about the interior surprising as well. Even his casual wear is color-coordinated. Next time you see him, though, you really might want to get some video footage for your faithful blog readers...

Lee said...

You totally should have a television special. That would be fantastic. I can't believe how long your hair got Susan since you last cut it. It is long again. YOu look so good in that picture with Robert Chesnut.

Jill said...

It's so enjoyable when someone's name lends itself so well to being said in completion every time.

Oh how I wish you two would do an HGTV special!

shannon said...

I agree with Jill!...what a great way to put that--his name just kind of flows--

You Do look good in that picture with Robert Chestnut...

He's got interesting taste in plants...

Denise said...

I remember meeting Robert Chestnut when I was with you in NC, and he is quite the entertainer indeed! I like his idea about an HGTV special, and I agree that you should have taken video footage.

Linda Giler is another one I also use both names for, maybe because I know a LOT of Lindas, but also perhaps because she just demands that kind of respect.

Bond Girl 007 said...

oH MY, I love the the squre planter, give me 4! How fun and exciting to be at the nursery me is just like candy from the store...Can't wait to see the new TV show!