Sunday, January 18, 2009

A vat of fudge!

Valentine inventory is aways a puzzle to me! What I think is great, is not what everyone thinks is great! (Who wouldn't want nesting pink and chocolate polka dot bowls)?! Apparently, not everyone thinks of that as valentine fare. One can always incorporate frosted red votives etched with hearts (they're selling fine). We have a darling white photo frame with raised swiss dots and oxox on the face. White french tulips seem to speak the language of love to me! Or, how would a set of four dessert plates be, with assorted heart motifs? My niece, Emily, could definitely make good use of those with some stylish cupcakes served on them!

On the whole, valentine inventory that is readily available through vendors is trite and too cutie. I am telling you, it's a very difficult season to buy for.

That being said, I have come up with a great idea! Take a look at the tiny heart-shaped in red, pink and hot pink ramekins filled with our family fudge recipe! Never mind that I can never make money selling it.......I would have to charge $10.00 lb! It is about the best thing you can imagine and generally speaking it is looked forward to by all during the Holidays and for Valentine's day.

Hope you like it! Maybe this year will be the year I finally figure it out. What do you want for your Valentine purchases? Let me know if this is it!


Denise said...

Those look too cute! I would definitely buy one (but, like you said, I doubt you'll be making much money on the fudge part--it's pretty expensive to make).

shannon said...

cute-cute-cute idea! What I'd really like for Valentines Day is YOU! We could hang out and eat fudge and you could inspire me with all of your fabulous ideas! How does that sound?

michelle said...

I think the heart ramekins with fudge are darling. Ditto the nesting bowls. I think white tulips would be lovely for Valentine's day! I usually make big heart sugar cookies.

Jill said...

I love your idea of Valentine decor, maybe your clients have a big supply of tradition fair and don't feel like they can mix and match colors or something.

I think fudge in heart ramekins is a brilliant idea!

Bond Girl 007 said...

I still have the vision of the white that is romantic if you ask me.