Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hunt Begins!

Reviewing the second day gives one pause for soaking feet!

We started out our day with our favorite breakfast treat from The Corner Bakery (if anyone out there would like a great new business, this franchise would be a winner!) We're pretty sure they are not point worthy for Weight Watchers, but these "sweet crisps" as they are called, are the best! Thinly sliced and toasted to perfection and covered in coarse sugar! YUM! It's the perfect start to our early morning ventures into the crowded elevators and showrooms.

Here we are, ready to leave our room after a healthy breakfast as noted

These shoes are made for walking?????!

Although this photo isn't the best, this tree is our favorite pick for the most realistic and beautifully shaped tree for the 2009 season. We have an order for a 12' tree! The diameter of the 12' tree is 89" and it has 2700, yes, 2700 lights! It's a real beauty.

We came across this HUGE wreath in one showroom and just had to document it with a photo. Susan stood on a chair and tried to show the scale to some degree. The wreath was actually quite beautiful and was stated to be 60" in diameter (which we doubted, as that is exactly how tall Susan is! It was one statement of a wreath, to be sure!

We generally spend the first three days of seven scouring the Market and finding inspiration. This is one group of ornaments we collected in putting together a possible color story for one of the themes for next year. It is not uncommon for us to shop about 25-30 showrooms for collections to build our themes. After we have chosen the colors for the coming year, we review our notes and begin to put together the collections based on color, size, interest, specialties, price-point and uniqueness. It's a real project. After 7 days of this,we're ready for major spa pedicures!

Even our favorite showrooms have some offerings that we just "don't get"! Do you have any ideas of what we could do with this "Hope Diamond" that we spied? I tried to give you an idea of the size and girth by showing Linda's hand next to this treasure........what the?

We just couldn't show you only the fabulous finds......and thought you might be interested in these "Holy Family Gone Wrong" creations.......satin draped, sequin encrusted robes with cinched feet? Who thinks of these things.....and how many should we order?And furthermore, check out these wise men. We think they stopped at the Prom first on the way to Bethlehem.......
For our last inspiration of the day, we did love these. Beautiful blue glass ornaments sitting atop rock salt, encased in glass compotes. We'll end with this.
.........stay tuned for more interesting finds!


charlotte said...

I think the prom wise men are my favorite. Yeah, those are definitely my top pick of the day. ;)

shannon said...

I'm glad you stood beside the wreath to give us a better idea of the are we to conclude it's a tiny wreath? :) He He

Holy! Holy Family Gone Wrong! What were they thinking?

I love the idea of the glass ornaments & salt in the glass compotes! That's stunning!

Carry on!

michelle said...

Denise's comment made me laugh and started me on a coughing spasm...
the cinched feet were what really had me saying "what the?"

That rock salt looks too glittery to just be salt! I can't even imagine the room you'd need to put in a 12' tree with 89" diameter.

It's fun seeing some of what you're seeing, and I could definitely go for some of that breakfast for champions.

michelle said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on the Hope diamond. What the?

Anonymous said...

Neat stuff. How fun!

emily said...

I'm so fascinated by your methods and techique. I love the idea of your putting together themes. Is it hard to get back into Christmas mode right after taking down all of your decor from the last season, or do you enjoy prolonging the spirit a little longer? I'm excited to see what you put together for next season!