Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Five Take me home!

Today was the only day that we did general merchandise buying almost all day. We started out at the regular time, checked all our luggage for the day and headed over to the Mart. It's pretty quiet the last day and very easy to work the showrooms. Great luck.

At the end of the day, I mentioned to Linda that we hadn't taken any photos to document and she reminded me that we did take one......and I was happy we did! One last documentation of the "Peace" trend...let me know how much back-stock you think I need. And for the record, it is from a very fine high-end line. This lamp would retail for approximately $250.00.

...believe it or not

In looking back at the week, one of my favorite exchanges between Linda and myself went something like this:

Susan "I can't believe we didn't find one cute confection ornament here."
Linda "That's because they have to paint a stupid face on all of them....."

All in all, we had a productive trip with a stack of purchase orders to show for our 12 hour days, some tired feet and a few more bags under the eyes to deal with.....but I think you'll be pleased with the great finds coming soon.

Now, if I can just pass the 50lb limit for my luggage and pretend I don't have too much carry on, I should be home by late tonight.

I'm planning a contest to help me select the new tissue for the upcoming seasons. Stay tuned!


Denise said...

Proof--once again--that money cannot buy good taste.

Anonymous said...

Love your shop, love your website, love your blog!

Now to the comment - that lamp is as ugly as homemade sin! I thought peace signs were pretty cheesy the last time they were around 40 years ago, and some things never change.

Jill said...

That lamp offends my delicate sensibilities.

Lee said...

Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see ya.

michelle said...

That lamp is just wrong wrong wrong.

Can you imagine doing those 12 hour days without a friend to do it with? So good to have a buddy to commiserate with and ooh and ooh with... and photo documentation is a bonus for us!

I can't wait to see the tissue selections.

emily said...

Maybe next time, instead of packing all your jewelry finds, you could just wear them all. ;)That, of course, would hurt your rep a little and weigh you down considerably, so maybe you should stick with praying for lenient bag-checkers. Haha.

charlotte said...

"Pretend I don't have too much to carry on"--ha! Glad to hear that the trip went went, despite the painted faces (I love that label) and that oh-so-lovely peace lamp. And I'm with Emily--pray for the lenient bag checkers.

Bond Girl 007 said...

Oh my, as much as I love peace, I don't think I love this piece...hey its a ryme! How fun to have someone to talk to, be enchanted with, and also agree! Cannot wait to see what is new and comming.

JENN in Beautiful Bucks County PA said...

Ooooh - new tissue! I'm excited.
Love you - Jennie