Saturday, January 3, 2009

List Fettish

Inspired by and in honor of my daughter, Michelle, I want to share with you some delightful information about list-making, checklists, templates and worksheets--all available to download from Real Simple Magazine.

This time of year, when new ideas and goals seem to be so much a part of our thinking, this information couldn't be more apropos, not to mention downright delightful ,for those of us (including Michelle, at the top of the list !) who get a thrill at the end of the day by crossing off as many items as possible of said list. I'm thinking writing more concise, perfect sentences should probably be at the top of my first list!

Courtesy of Sneelock, here are several photographs from the pages of January 2009 Real Simple for your browsing and use. As I am looking over the "50 checklist and form" page, I'm wondering if Jessie (my youngest daughter ) will find some kind of list to do with her latest craze and interest, couponing! Check it out and let the rest of us know, Jess. With 50 possibilities, there must be something.

There are some great small list pads available, some with monograms, others with great collaged covers, darling colors, small, large, you name it! I found some really cute ones for several of my favorite people that just screamed their names. And what could be more stylish than one of these to carry about in your purse?!

One of my goals this year will be to feel better about the accomplishments and completions that I do cross of my daily list. I tend to berate myself for not getting all of my tasks crossed off. If I have a great,productive day, and complete 8 tasks on my to-do list, yet have 6 or 8 remaining, I feel that I have gotten nothing done!

I do love list-making and a darling pencil, good and sharp, is the perfect participant.

So, here's to list making. 2009, get the pads ready. Hope you find one that suits your needs, and I hope that you'll share any that you find particularly stylish and useful.


shannon said...

I will never own a palm pilot! I love the process of physically writing something down and then crossing it off. Thanks for the list tip info--

Denise said...

There is something so satisfying about writing a list with a good pencil. My favorite is a Pentel Twist Erase mechanical pencil. (I'll tuck that idea away for your birthday!)

I saw that issue of Real Simple and wanted to buy it. Perhaps I will, with such a glowing review.

Lee said...

I have always been a list person. Maybe to the extreme, at least that is what my husband thinks. He would always say "She's making a list and checking it twice." That's funny Susan that you would talk about that when that has always been such a big part of my life. My husband always counts the lists. There is a weekend list, a daily list a shopping list, a wish list, and the list goes on and on. I was actually going to write about my lists too and then I saw yours. We are totally bonded aren't we. Ha Ha. Denise likes a mechanical pencil, I prefer to use a thin sharpie. They are my favorite. And I use a color appropriate one. I buy the 50 pack of a rainbow of assorted colors. I always have at least 5 in each purse because I don't know what mood I will be in nor what color I will be writing in.
Usually it also depends on the season. I know I'm a nut job. Nothing better than writing with a colored sharpie!
Much Peace and love, Lee

michelle said...

Hooray for lists!

I too have a daily list, a weekly list, a master to-do list, a shopping list, etc. etc.

I'm loving my new notepad for lists, thanks!

Jill said...

I enjoy lists a great deal. I'll have to get that issue of Real Simple because it sounds like an article I'd really enjoy and the photos look great.

Anonymous said...

I love to hear how you guys are list makers (you & Michelle). You guys seem so organized! Maybe I should become a list maker. :-)

charlotte said...

I love lists. I try not to feel discouraged when I don't accomplish everything on my list, and I absolutely love love love the feeling of crossing something off the list. So satisfying!