Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Susan Rules; "Forget the Rules, Arouse the Senses"

Tonight's event was "the Susan Rules...Forget the Rules, Arouse the Senses!" We had a great turnout and alot of great interaction and comments in discussion form. The discussion with photo examples, was to inspire us to design with our own signature, inspired by others and outside sources. We talked about designing a little outside the box of the norm, and unexpected yet purposeful placement. We got a bit involved in talking about the obsessiveness of collecting and had one darling participant who's problem was not knowing what to collect! Oh, my, to have such a problem.
This is an example I embellished last night prior to leaving for home, adding layers to the existing art and finding homes for many of the accessories I brought back from the Designer House.
In the process of returning the furniture, lamps, and accessories to the retail store, one huge domino effect occur ed and resulted in an entire floor change (come in to see for yourself!), and my new summer themed windows. Sneelock usually photographs the windows for me, but just as I was leaving tonight I took a chance on getting something worthy to publish...until the real thing is done by him.
I learned recently that my windows are "famous" and a real draw! I'll take that.
Take a look for yourself, and you can always ask to see Fred's (oops, Sneelock's) in the next few weeks. It's darn hard to not get the glare, the traffic, and the stop light involved.
Orange a green, a great theme.

Dressing and changing the windows is a huge project to tackle in the late night hours, but all in all, totally rewarding! A trip to see them in person would be the real ticket.
I'll be waiting!


Suzanne said...

Hello! How do I keep missing these events? Maybe the fact that I was in bed by 8:00 had something to do with my absence, too? I remember the initial email w/ list of events and will have to go hunt for that. What's coming up next?

Have a great day!

P.S. I think I could get together with the person who doesn't know WHAT to collect. Maybe I should pick up my love of dollhouse miniatures again. :)

michelle said...

I LOVE the windows!! I'd come and see them in person if I could.

shannon said...

Those windows are amazing! I love the colors!!! You are such a color wiz!!!

Glad your event went well last night...we missed you at ours...
Despite the rain, it was a success!

linda said...

I love it all but espcially the green and white awning stripe!

Denise said...

I LOVE the green and white awning stripe, too! Wish I could have attended your event.

Jill said...

Perhaps Fred should create a photo gallery of all your windows for us to draw inspiration from, that would be something I'd visit quite often.

Ashley Asay said...

Mirrors, cake stands, and maps... I think that's a great start to my new collection mentality, right? Now, where do I go to get them, Susan, and can you come with me?

Thanks for such a great and inspiring class. I wish I was going to be in town for the next two. I'll catch you again sometime this Summer, and hopefully, by then, I can give you details of my new collections and you can come help me find a place for them in my home. =-)

Lee said...

I'm so mad I missed it. Lisa's father in law died and usually I come with her or KC. I totally forgot. Will make it to the next one hopefully. I'm sure it was amazing as you are my friend. Lee

michelle said...

Oh, I second Jill's call for a window gallery on smugmug!