Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bring in the goods!

At 9:30 am, my assistant Carol and I pulled up to the front of of "Bird Haven" for a long anticipated day! The house sits on a picturesque pond in the center of Yardley, Pa. Is that not an enticing name?! "Bird Haven" I love it.

With clean, ironed sheets in hand, my trusty Rowenta tucked under my arm, and a spare ironing board I keep in my design studio, we arrived at our installation first thing in the morning. To my horror, yesterday's snow then rain had turned to pure ice! The entire circular drive and even worse, the steps up to the front door for delivery were rounded with ice and nearly impossible to navigate. Our three men delivery team wasn't too pleased with the scene either! We collectively went to work to chip away the ice, scrape, hammer. Nothing was helping the situation! (They laughed when I asked if my trusty super duper heavy duty professional hairdryer could come to the aid......). Not the best day for a whole house furniture delivery, for sure.

The delivery truck is opened. Let the fun begin! (Never mind those icy, treacherous steps..........)

Sizing up the situation......oh, dear!

Two of our trusty delivery men with good humor in hand!

Take a look at my ironed sheets as we began making the bed in one of the guestrooms. I love this headboard! This guestroom will be the more masculine guestroom. Check out the patterned carpet.

This great runner with perfect mitered corner leads up to the 2nd floor hallway, a favorite space. I love hallways that present like a room of its own. I designed painted awning stripes for the foyer, up the steps and down the quite large hallway.

Here is the upstairs hallway! The french doors open into an inviting room that will house 2 computer writing tables at either end of the room, facing each other. Small scaled chairs will gather family and friends for a cozy retreat overlooking Afton pond. Fabulous view!

I love this pair of French consoles flanking the entry to the study. Large art, or perhaps mirrors will reside above each in the future. Slightly distressed, these pieces add instant age to this interesting space. Love them!

That's just a small look at the story that is unfolding over the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

** What is your favorite room so far?**


Anonymous said...

I've never been in this house but have driven by it many times and it's one of those homes you just want to visit. I know you will make it more beautiful and then I will yearn for it even more!

michelle said...

I love that you are taking pictures of people like your delivery guys!

It all looks so great, I love the hallway and am sure the little room overlooking the pond would be my favorite retreat.

Jill said...

Those steps look like a lawsuit waiting to happen, yikes!

Everything looks beautiful! I love the hallway leading to the French doors!

emily said...

I too am impressed by the shots of the delivery men. They chip away at icy stairs AND pose while doing so. Haha. You a documenteur to be reckoned with.

I'm excited to see more pictures of the house. What you've shown so far looks so beautiful, as is everything that you create. It must be so exciting to see your creativity and planning come together like this!

Lee said...

Susan is that the house directly across from Starbucks on the pond? Or is it the yellow lovely house across the street? I wish you were doing that for my house. I love the striped hallway. Love it. But then again, anything you do I love. Lee
Hope your feeling better.

shannon said...

The upstairs hallway is my absolute favorite!
(sigh) Are they looking for a boarder? I know someone who wouldn't mind living there with them...:)

Suzanne said...

Well...I've just gotta see more now! This is a tease. LOL!

Love the stripes. Funny, an online friend just created a computer mock-up of stripes on my dining room wall today. (Original plan was diamonds/harlequin pattern...think I'm going back to that.)

Thank you for sharing and we look forward to seeing more of this home!

P.S. Kudos to you for the ironing! Best can I do is a pillow case. (Ok, two.) ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad that I wasn't the delivery service.......

Denise said...

I'm surprised that Sneelock wasn't part of the delivery/set-up crew! My favorite is the striped walls in the hallway. I would like to do stripes like that somewhere in my house.

I would love to be a guest in that guest bedroom!

Bond Girl 007 said...

Ironed sheets! WOW...that is always beautiful. I particularly love to open brand new sheets and make the bed, to my mum's horror! She is comming over to visit next week and I was actually thinking of ironing the sheets for her....great inspiration. I love love the french doors...OHHHH and the glorious stripes. I love the guys posing for the photo and what a day for a delivery, but there is nothing more effective to de-ice the situation than a good attitude and humor!