Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day four......finally, something to sing about!

After a horrible night of sleeplessness and irritability, we arose for our fourth day of the hunt .

Regarding the horrid night, there was an event in the bar which happened to be just a few floors away in direct proximity to our room. We did not get back to our room until 9:00ish and at first, I could not imagine what I was hearing. Thunder? Fireworks? It was very loud and not what we wanted to hear at the end of a hard, long day. About 11:30 we had decided that there was definitely something going on in the bar. I called the front desk to inquire (and give a complaint) and was told that there was an event going on and it would be continuing for a bit longer. We weren't so happy about that! But, when I looked at the clock and it was 2:00am and it was still going on, I had had it! The party broke up about a half an hour later and we were able to rest for several hours before getting up for the day.

I really should have posted a self portrait of the two of us, but it wouldn't have been pretty.

We did have a really great day with some interesting finds!

We started out walking the isles of the High Design temporary booths. There is generally interesting stylish inventory picks in this location. We weren't disappointed. Look at these most delightful linens fashioned from vintage linens, wonderful ribbon trims and custom monograms. What a combination! I can't think of three things I love more, and here they are, altogether! We placed an order and spent a wonderful time designing our favorites with many of you in mind .

Just look at the lovely colors, vintage linens and ribbon trims! Eye candy for any collector.

I love this silk ruffle with the tiniest little velvet ribbon trim. You can see the faintest small monogram just about the ruffle. I can't wait for these to come in to the store! The designer of the line was a darling creative collector, using all her favorite finds. Just my style.
This photo really doesn't do justice to this find. At one of our very favorite vendors, Coty Foster, we found this "Peace Wreath" ! That 's just our name for it, of course. Coty Foster is a creator of all things that are vintage inspired glitter galore! There is a thing in the booth that we don't drool over. And right there , in the middle of it all was this wreath made from vintage reproduction silver ornaments! Pretty darn cute! We ordered our usual glitter houses, a few Santas, ornament sets and tiny figures. We left the peace wreath behind.

We did find out that this is the 50th anniversary of the Peace sign! I guess that's what all the hoopla is about. And by the way, Coty even had a glass glitter peace sign ornament! We passed on that one too. I hope we won't be sorry!

We placed an order with a new resource that well fell in love with. The showroom was so darling, full of inspiration and wonderful ideas. I wondered if that was what it was like for my clients to come into my store. I want it to be like that. We walked the showroom several times, searching the corners , cupboards, and fixtures for treasures. And, they were plentiful. The showroom designer had taken real turnips and sprouted them in moss throughout the garden area! They had leaves and roots! We took one photo, but there was just too many visual distractions to see them well. I know that you will just love the merchandise from this new resource. We were thrilled, the prices were attractive and the selection just too wonderful! This is one of the things we loved-a reproduction transfereware platter in the most beautiful color of robin egg blue. I think you'll be happy with this great new find.

On top of having very cool selections, this company had the most wonderful sales staff. I am a big fan of personal help with a genuine interest in selling . Here is a picture of Linda with our salesman, Zachary. He was darling, helpful, entertaining and informative. And, he indulged us in this photo at the end of a long day! Thank, Zachary!

Finally, we were thrilled to walk into one of our paper suppliers to find our new Black-eyed Susan bag being displayed as one of their favorite styles!! I walked over to pick up the color of our bag, and there it was....OUR bag!! Yes! Style abounds.

Watch soon for a blog contest to help us select your favorite tissue to be used for each season. It should be a lot of fun!

Well, enough for tonight. A little more planning, calculating, foot rubbing, and off the bed.

No band tonight. Thank heavens.


shannon said...

By the looks of things, I'd say this was your best day yet!

Do you ever get "shopped out?"

michelle said...

Ooh, I love those linens! Gorgeous. Love the transferware platter as well. How exciting to see your bag in the showroom! I'm not surprised, they are always so cute.

michelle said...

p.s. it just has me wondering... how does everyone have peace signs on the brain? Is it in the collective unconscious? How do so many companies have the same thing going on?? (especially when it's not something I would ever come up with?)

Anonymous said...

I love that you documented your finds throughtout the week! I can't wait for the new merchandise to come in!
Although when you get back, I'm going to introduce a foreign item to you...flats!!! (in cute styles of course)

charlotte said...

I'm glad you survived! And seeing your bag in that display definitely must have been rewarding!

Denise said...

Nothing worse than not being able to sleep because of someone else's noise and thoughtlessness. Maybe it was those pesky flamboyant wisemen kicking up their heels.

I love the vintage monogrammed linens! I remember sketching some similar ones that you had in your store when the current location first opened. I sketched them thinking I could actually make them myself. . . Hmm.

Hope your feet recover soon!

Jill said...

I'm glad you mentioned that it's the 50th anniversary of the peace sign because I was feeling rather perplexed about all the peace stuff you've been posting.

emily said...

When I read about an "event in the bar" I pictured a brawl for some reason, so I'm glad that it was a party, and not something violent. That being said, I'm so sorry that your night was disturbed; that's the worst. Last night, I was serenaded to sleep by dumb coeds blasting ghetto music in the parking lot. Some people.

Suzanne said...

Hi. Not my first time visiting your fun and interesting blog, but first time posting a comment. Since I am in your area, I am OH SO coming into your store to look for these monogrammed linens!