Monday, October 1, 2012

Susan't Tag Sale!

Wow. My tag sale was a great success,thanks to my Black-eyed Susan supporters!

The planning was both intense and very objective, as I sorted and culled every cupboard, storage room and living space. What can I say...I'm tired of the designs I've lived with for the past 10 years. I tell my clients 10 years is a good run! And so it was.

So many of my darling clients stopped by and while I am tired of the look of things, so many of them exclaimed their love for my cozy home. I took a few photos of the days events and several of my buyers sent me theirs! I'll share some of them with you just for the record.

I'm planning on following my progress with regular posts. Sneelock is anxious to get things started, as he hasn't much to sit on! (Oh.Dear.)

One of my first clients sent me this soon after arriving home with her treasure (pink tulips and books). Apparently her car fully approved!

The dining room was filled to the brim with some of my collected plates, platters and butter pats! (I told you I was very objective in my offerings...)

This plate collection went to a favorite client and friend. The bedding was sold as a collection and the lamps went quickly too.
Master bedroom draperies...still available!
My bathroom is a collage of mirrors instead of a large or two singles. Valances-gone!

This vintage silk covered chair and ottoman went to a long time friend and Black-eyed Susan fan. Can I just say that I love it when my favorite things go home with friends?! Thanks, Anita.

Lisa and myself in the dining room. Lisa has been blogging  for some time about her excitement leading up to my sale! She took home some of my favorites. *sigh*

The tiny chandelier was the only thing in this photo for sale....none of my brown transfereware!

Long time favorite floral...gone! It looks a bit bare, but I have a new vision.

                                                     This little table was one of the first things to go.

I added this chandelier into the mix due to a special request for silver and crystal.

Dining room draperies and rug-bye bye!
My working vintage radio also left with a favorite friend....along with Sneelock's favorite chair!

So many times I couldn't resist telling the story or history of something selected by my friends. When I told Kendall how I had hung this in a collection of platters and recommended that she start her own collection for hanging, she said,"Or, I might just eat my chicken on it"! How cute is that? I can go along with that. Kendall also had a great suggestion for me! She said that I should have had a contest for shoppers as they left..."guess how many clocks...or plates...or cameras...or salt and pepper shakers Susan has"! That girl! Why didn't I think of that?!

I am a clock collector and this favorite was hard to let go. I had made up my mind ahead of time if it didn't sell , I would paint it gray and give it a facelift! Then, when I was admiring it with this client and his wife, I realized that it had mother of pearl inlays. It made me feel a bit better about selling it.

All in all, it was a successful though busy few days.

Now on to the new design project! I'll keep you posted, though I think I may be at the bottom on a long list of client projects....


Lee said...

I can proudly say that I am the proud owner of many of your things throughout the years, from purchasing things from your glorious store to personal gifts from you, to your tag sale. I came home with your lovely John Witicomb table and a few paintings and I wish I could have taken every single chair. Your home is a dream and I can only imagine what you will transform each room into. Thank you for sharing so much with me and teaching me so much. I see glimpses of you all over my home and I am thankful.
Love you,
For more pics of Susan's tag sale see my blog.

Lee said...

Correction, I spelled widdicomb witticombe. Yikes!

linda said...

It will be so sad when I visit to see some of my favorite things missing! It is a good thing I wasn't there to shop the dish table. Sounds like it was a very successful sale, good luck on the redecorating, I know it will be just as beautiful!

Unknown said...

But the monkey lamp?! Pray tell--did it sell? . . .

Unknown said...

Wonders never cease...the monkey lamp was the very first to sell!! A client called when I posted the presale photos and purchased it before the sale!

So there you have it!

Lee said...

I can't tell you how mad I am that I didn't buy the chair in your room. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So mad!
Your gonna have to sell me one of the chairs that your keeping. Sorry, but your gonna have to. Hee Hee.
Love ya. So much fun!
PS. Your gonna have to come with Denise when she comes to visit so you can see your things all over my home.

michelle said...

I was hoping ou would have photos!

I too am glad that the monkey lamp sold. And glad that I wasn't there to exclaim over all the other things you were selling, wanting them for myself.